Analogies and Connections

The RTP Scrolls is a place where Denilson Nastacio and his readers have some fun drawing analogies from unexpected sources, borrowing examples from Mother Nature, mathematics, physics, biology, politics and on occasion, metaphysics.

Denilson's unexpected jumping often makes me think about James Burke's Connections (an alternative view of change) , one my my favourite TV shows ever (that I haven't had the chance to watch it in 20?! years). The great news for me is that, while googling to write this post, I have learned that I'll be able to watch some of the episodes.


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Anónimo dijo...

Great TV show and not so great book. Always admired James Burke and his non-linar approach to history. I have the original series on dvd if you are interested.

kelly dijo...

How exciting ... I've bookmarked the site, and look forward to listening to the podcasts.