Yay! Barcelona Python Meetups are here!

Back from the first Barcelona Python Meetup Group event. The event was good, with two talks:

If the event was good, the post-event (beers, croquetas and bravas) with Maik was great and I'm bringing home lots of food for thought. Most of the talk was about Funittest (Making it easy to go from use case to functional test). Maik uses daily a high level Test Driven Development flow:
  • write the functional test, to get aligned with the user's needs/customer value,
  • write unit test, that can be driven faster and focus in the approapiate level of abstraction
  • write the code
My impression is that his ideas have lots of commonalities with Fit and Fitness, and the story-based-testing that they advocate. Maik said that Funnitest's theoretical foundation can be grasped in The Braidy Tester articles; I'm adding them to my to-read list...

Beyond functional testing, the programmer's flow, the business-technical gap, Barcelona, Sevilla, tele-working... an intriguing an promising idea: the I-told-you-that-this-was-a-wrong-decision year-end bonus.

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