I'm a happy new user of http://myopenid.com.
  • Registration was very simple
  • The OpenID urls you get are nice (yourchoice.myopenid.com)
  • It supports multiple personas, i.e. during the signon process, you can choose differents sets of personal information to share with the requesting site
  • You get a detailed account activity report
Out of laziness, I've been resisting for years to get a proper OpenID account. Sometimes I've been using the one provided with blogger.com; others, my Flickr photostream url. And then sometimes I've signed up to places using my google or twitter accounts. In fact, a site requesting access to my list of contacts during registration with my google account has been the trigger to take care of this.

Two html lines have allowed me to use a vanity url (http://els.verg.es/xavier) and to avoid getting married to myopenid.com

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KEN dijo...

This is Kellypuffs' HIMSELF - I just got a great little doo-dad in the mail - some sort of plug/adapter thingy - I recognized your name from somewhere and one remaining memory cell made the connection. In any event HERSELF just left to got o Orlando so I suppose I shall send this thing on if you tell me where you would like it! - Best Regards, KEN