Change we must

Professionally, I'm always advocating for change and innovation.
Politically, I never vote for the party that is ruling in a given administration.

Then, why oh why do I get so annoyed when I'm unable to shop the exact same model of running shorts that I bough five years ago? Or was it ten years ago?

Luis, in a comment to my original post, tries to make me feel better and invites me to put the blame on the usual suspects: politicians, executives and managers.

I started to feel better until, what started as a joke became an interesting lesson for myself: am I not showing the exact same attitude that I often and loudly complain about? The we-have-always-done-things-like-this-here automatic response? The who-cares-if-the-alternative is-better mindset? Check Ferran Rodena's Eliminating Waste: Lessons From The Trenches for an example of this attitude from a group that does not belong to the usual suspects

I was offered some more technologically advanced shorts and I did not even consider its possible advantages! I must remember this the next time that I want to push some change!

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Anónimo dijo...

Let me guess... That is probably because you don't like what you see at work or how the political party rules, but you love that running shorts.

The point is: why does nobody want that things change at work or parties go on ruling even if they do worse and worse?

-Xv dijo...

Thanks, Luis. I started to feel better after your comment... but this only lasted five minutes.
Then it turned into an interesting lesson learned, so thanks again (although it made me feel worse :-).
I've updated the post with it.