One can view the constant interaction with people in terms of energy.

  • How do you tend to feel after dealing with a given person? More energized? Drained?
  • How do you think other people feel after interacting with you?
This idea can go far beyond fluffy self-helpy introspection. By asking this sort of questions in an organization, one can map enthusiasm and get a good indication of where energy is high, and creativity and innovation likely to occur.

Driving Results Through Social Networks: How Top Organizations Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth talks about enthusiasm networks.
Nothing gets done here without someone somewhere getting enthused about an idea and then enthusing others.


And, without stopping talking about business, we can get back into self-helpy stuff... The book identifies some behaviours that are perceived as generating positive energy:
  1. Do you do what you say are going to do and address tough issues with integrity?
  2. Do you see realistic possibilities in conversations and avoid focusing too early or heavily on potential obstacles?
  3. Are you mentally and physically engaged in meetings and conversations?
  4. Are you flexible in your thinking and do you use your expertise appropriately?
  5. When you disagree, do you focus on the issue at hand rather than on the individual?

Energy vampires

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