dW chats: Grady Booch on the latest Rational tools release

Another developerWorks chat that looks very interesting: Grady Booch answers your questions about this week's Rational tools release. On Thursday December 7th, at 4:30 pm his time or 10:30 pm my time.

I did not learn about this from Booch's blog itself, but from a comment by Ferran Rodenas to a post in Kelly Drahzal's blog. The interesting bit about this is that Ferran works for "la Caixa", a very important ibm client, and it is a very good thing for me and some team mates to be able to read his posts and keep track of his blogroll. Or explore his linkedin profile and our common connections. The openess that blogs and social software have brought rocks!

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kelly dijo...

I so agree with you.

How great that we can have this dialogue with customers and colleagues!

And I'm learning so much every day from each and every one of you!

Anónimo dijo...

Xavier, thanks a lot for the reference.

For me it is also important to establish a new channel of conversation with all of you. I think this is a more direct and friendly way to share with you my opinions about the software development process and the IBM/Rational toolset.

Oh, and this post remembers me that I need to put a disclosure on my blog ;-)