Quick and Easily Done Mashups + SOA and web 2.0

QEDWiki, a mashup maker by IBM, has got a nice intro and demo on video. If you liked it, better keep an eye on the Emerging Technologies You Need to Know !

Mahups and Mashup makers are an obvious way to show the value of service orientation. As the video states, Web 2.0 puts a face on SOA.

(via Ferran Rodenas' SDLC blog)

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Anónimo dijo...

Nice demo. I like the concept of Web 2.0 putting a face on SOA (Service Oriented Apps).

This ability to create new web apps (mashups) based on SOA is setting the grounds of web 3.0(?), where besides user created content, we'll also have user created apps.

Today's ease of contents creation applied to apps creation.

If you're interested in the QEDWiki concept and technology, take a look at Yahoo Pipes which is based on the same philosopy.

(I created some Yahoo Pipes and will blog about it shortly)