New phone: PyBluez and Gammu to the rescue

My Sony Ericsson K610i may end up being friendlier to my ThinkPad. I downloaded the binary version of Wammu and have been able to send an SMS from my PC via bluetooth, send a file to my phone, retrieve calls, contacts, calendar info...

Wammu sits on top of

  • Gammu (a project which encompasses applications, scripts and drivers for managing various functions on cellular phones and similiar devices) with Python bindings
  • PyBluez (a Python wrapper for Bluetooth)
  • wxPython (a Python API for the great wxWidgets toolkit, formerly known as wxWindows)
Looks like synchronizing with Google calendar will require some hacking, unlikely to happen any time soon. Add to that the general calendar mess in my life, where there is the phone, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar and MonkeyGTD tiddlywiki.

The Wammu logs start with
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):1 - "OBEX SyncML Client"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):2 - "Dial-up Networking"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):3 - "Serial Port"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):25 - "Music Streaming Service"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):23 - "Remote Control TG Service"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):23 - "Remote Control Service"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):15 - "PAN Network Access PointNAP (...)"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):4 - "Hands-Free Gateway"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):5 - "Headset Gateway"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):6 - "OBEX Object Push"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):7 - "OBEX File Transfer"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):8 - "OBEX IrMC Sync Server"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):17 - "HID Mouse & Keyboard"
(00:19:63:91:D2:9C):9 - "OBEX Phonebook Server"
I'm guessing that this comes from PyBluez, and that, as soon as I change the binary installation of Wammu with the original Python packages, it should be quite simple to take advantage of some of this services, or, at least, start some educated googling.

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