I am thinking now

Do not miss (sorry, louder, DO NOT MISS) this TED Talk:
Patrick Awuah: Educating a new generation of African leaders.

It's not only about Africa. It's about entitlement[1] and responsibility, education, ethics, critical thinking, incompetence, economic elites, empowerment... in any part of the world. 18 moving minutes that will make you think.

I'm keeping a quote from it:

Every society must be very intentional about how it trains its leaders
[1] I was talking about this to someone and could not think of a good Spanish term for "entitlement". He translated quoting something heard in lots of movies when the hero is in trouble while abroad: I am an American citizen. Not that I believe that Americans are worse than in my corner of the world in the entitlement disease, but I thought that it was a very funny and good translation.

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