Upcoming DanceLikeMattHardingWare (half cooked hacks)

I have a longish backlog of hacks worth cleaning up and publishing

  • FoxyHistory, a better Firefox History Manager. Having the ability to include urls when searching, and to sort the history by date of first visit has already saved me some time trying to restore some foggy memories.
  • TiddlyWiky SendTo Shortcuts, that allow to easily create customized links to files in a tiddlywiki and tiddlers with the contents of a file (Thanks for that first implementation, -- F.!)
  • MultiTiddlyWiki, that allows to have a bunch of tiddlywikis in a single Firefox tab. Specially nice when used with the terrific WebRunner, a XULRunner based distraction-free browser (Thanks for the link, schilke!)
I also had a xkdc (a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language) specific bookmarklet, but I just learned about the Long Titles Firefox extension that obsoletes it.

I think that I'll make the hacks available as DanceLikeMattHardingWare:
You are free to do with this whatever you fancy, but you are expected to do some small à la Matt Harding dancing steps now and then.

If you are too serious to dance, consider changing some things in your life, or just use it under some form of beerware or Creative Commons licensing.

Matt Harding in Berlin

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