Tab Mix Plus + TiddlyWiki = [productivity | guilt]

  • I'm a big fan of the Tab Mix Plus Firefox extension. I have a hard time when using a browser without it and I cannot duplicate tabs, undo tab closing, store several browsing sessions, list all the opened tabs in a dropdown menu...
  • I'm an even bigger fan of TiddlyWikis(*), personal wikis that are self-contained in a single html file that can be in your hard drive or usb stick, or hosted in the terrific and free tiddlyspot service. I use them to record personal knowledge, to write docs and "microtag" at the paragraph level, to write checklists, to keep my to-do lists...

I just changed a Tab Mix Plus preference to switch to my left tab whenever I close a tab. And my left tab always hosts my to-do list in the shape of a MonkeyGTD tiddlywiki.

Will this change mean that my browsing parties will end up being shorter and I'll be pushed to Get Thing Done instead of following yet another interesting link?

Or am I just adding guilty feeling drops to some future pointless browsing?

(*) aside: It was the former IBM Rational Doug Landauer that pointed me to TiddlyWikis (among the endless list of interesting links that he always posted in his intranet blog(**)). It was the magic of seeing a wiki run in my browser that changed my perception of JavaScript and got me interested in it.

(**) See? I just checked Doug's delicious bookmarks and see a link to the Atomisator, some Python scripts that I'd like to check closer to help me avoid drowning in the rss tide... (***)

(***) The pattern of me getting lost following links should be quite obvious at this point :-)

2 comentarios:

kelly dijo...

I too am guilty ... guilty of following links to the point that I completely forget what I was originally doing in the first place.

Isn't it fun?!? ;-)

Ivan dijo...

My name's Ivan and I am a procrastinator, too.

All in all, it's the only way to learn something when you're busy.