Customer Satisfaction and future buying decisions

It has been shown that as many as 90 percent of departing customers said that they were "satisfied" immediately prior to their attrition! Contrary to long-held misconceptions, "customer satisfaction" is actually a good measure of "customers' rationalizations of their past buying decisions," but not highly predictive of future buying decisions.

As a consumer, I think that this matches my buying patterns.

The quote is from Transforming Performance Measurement, by Dean Spitzer, a nice book even/specially for someone (like me) that tends to hate measurements and metrics. Dean is senior researcher, consultant, and performance measurement thought leader in IBM Research.

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BRyan dijo...

I think that 'rationalization pattern' is also mentioned in the book Influence: Science and Practice
definitely a good thing to remember when 'surveying' our clients/customers.
I will look into the Spitzer book, thanks!