SystemRescueCd and TestDisk

TestDisk in SystemRescueCd just allowed me to fix (?) my brother's PC's hard drive. Not too hard, since all the data was already lost and his only expectation was to be able to reinstall; messing with the partition table is not scary when there is nothing to loose.

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Anónimo dijo...

I had an interesting problem the other day when a Symantec Antivirus virscan.dat file was written into what was later discovered to be a bad sector on the hard drive. Since the sector hadn't gone completely bad, it only took windows about 5 'rereads' on the bad sector before it would get the data and move on. So at first, the computer would boot up fine and just be incredibly slow, until a scheduled scan would kick in, then it would totally lock up. One chkdsk later, everything was running smooth again, which was surprising, since based on the systems they had told me over the phone I was sure the hard drive had a deeper malfunction.