New gadget, new problems

I just changed my cell phone service provider and the move got me a Sony Ericsson K610i. It is my first Bluetooth/USB enabled cell phone and I had high expectations on this: using my PC keyboard to type SMSs, synchronize the phone's calendar with Google Calendar, use my PC to manage contacts... After playing with the (buggy and feature-poor) supplied PC software, googling for hours, learning a bunch of names new to me (SyncML, OBEX, OMA...), looking into toolkits and the Sony Ericsson's Knowledge Base, I think that the bluetooth/usb connection will only be useful to use the cell as a modem and to exchange music/pictures. Maybe I'd be happier if I were an Outlook/LookOut user.

Since the phone was cheap (39€), my disappointment is only mild. But I think that I'd be very annoyed if I'd had to pay for the full phone price.

Additional notes from the field after my first UMTS/GPRS experience ever

Although this was not my main driver to change provider and phone, I like the idea of being able to browse the web/check email/connect my ThinkPad from any place for 1.2€ at most during a day. I hope that I'll remember that "being able" is not the same thing as "having to".

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Anónimo dijo...

I know of other users having bad experiences with Sony-Ericsson phones. Get a Nokia with Symbian and you'll probably be able to sync without the crappy software provided by the maker. If you still don't sync get a mac and use the os sync app.

-Xv dijo...

"39 euros" are the two key words in my post :-)
I appreciate the advice, but Symbian powered phones or Macs are not likely to be in my budget range any time soon. And even if I could afford to get away from my being green with envy of smart Mac users, easy file sync'ing with my work laptop using bluetooth is still something that I would appreciate very much.
I'm hoping that the bad experiences that you are aware of are limited to poor synchronization...

Anónimo dijo...

I also made the same experience. I could download/upload music, photos and also made my own theme (its just a tar file!).
Editing the phone book with gammu was not succesful, neither was synchronizing with msynctool.