Analyze your traffic without you

Even when you have like a dozen visits a day, checking google analytics now and then is nice (hey! a vsitor from Belize!). However, it is nice to be able to tell what traffic comes from yourself and what comes from your two readers (if any). A bookmarklet can help you to enable a filter that will allow analytics to remove you from its stats, or even to track your own usage of your site.

Update: bookmarklet magic moved from the defunct googlepages to amazon s3 to http://code.verg.es/sharebookmarklet.html

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Fabián dijo...

But if I discount my activity as a reader in my blog maybe the statistics will show an ugly reality!

Blogging is a nice way to satisfy someone's own ego, both in the process of writing and in the process of reading again and again what you have written. Around 20 readers per day add a little bit of amusement to the whole pack. I prefer to be maintained in the illusion of thinking that those 20 readers might be real :-)